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"If you produce enzymes, You will save a lot of lives." Prof. Somsak Varakamin MD.,Dr.PH. (Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Ministry of Public Health) said to the board of M.S.Y.39 Co., Ltd. who interested and researched about enzymes for a long time to be inspire to produce quality products according to the slogan “QUALITES Beyond Enzyme… Above General Enzyme, World Class Quality by Prof. Somsak Varakamin MD., Dr.PH. (Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Ministry of Public Health)"

We use 100% natural ingredients from the best source in the world is Thailand. Processed by the factory standard GMP, FDA, combined with knowledge of Prof. Somsak Varakamin MD., Dr.PH. and expertise of scientists – Swedish and Thai researchers more than 25 years. ENZYME The Key of Life

“QUALITES” Beyond Enzyme... Above General Enzymes World Class Quality By Prof. Somsak Varakamin MD.,Dr.PH." (Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Ministry of Public Health)


We will innovate and develop products, focus on effective materials, used to see the real and meets the needs of users and the market. Our brand has the potential to become one of the leading nutritional supplements for health and beauty.


Our Team

Nopbharote Sitthiratanabhong
Managing Director of S.M.Y.39 Co., Ltd.

Prof. SomsakVarakamin, M.D., Dr.PH.
Chairman of Medical Advisor of S.M.Y.39 Co., Ltd.
(Former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health)

Education :

  • Dr. P.H. Tulane, University, U.S.A.
  • MPH Tulane, University, U.S.A.
  • MPH Mahidol University, Thailand
  • MD Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Experience :

  • Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Ministry of Public Health
  • Director General, Department of Health, MOPH
  • Director General, Department of Medical Sciences, MOPH
  • Director, National Family Planning Program, MOPH
  • Member of Parliament - Udonthani Province
  • Member of Parliament – Party list Senator
  • Consultant to the Minister of Interior
  • Consultant to the Minister of Labor
  • Consultant to the Deputy – Prime Minister
  • Consultant to the Deputy Minister of Public Health

Honor :

  • The First rank in Thailand National Examination for High School Students (Science)
  • Honorable Doctor of Medicine degree (Honorable), Chulalongkorn University
  • Highest Royal Decoration Order by H.M. King Bhumibol
  • Record in Hall of Fame, Ministry of Public Health
  • Excellence Award in Public Relations

Publication :

  • A Brief Look at Thailand’s National Family Planning Program
  • Health Problems in Thailand
  • The Concept and Scope of family Health
  • Interaction between Family Planning and Health
  • The postpartum Approach of family planning
  • Follow – up Study of Vasectomy Case Performed by Physicians and Paramedic
  • Model of Integrated Family Health and Family Planning Services for Rural Areas
  • Pilot Study on the Training of Paramedics for mail Sterilization
  • Abortion study: Attitude of Medical Student and Physician Toward Abortion
  • A Pilot Project to prevent Uncompleted Abortion Through Contraception Services
  • A Report of the seminar on Recent Research on family Planning in Thailand
  • Postpartum Tubal Ligation by Nurse-Midwives in Thailand : A file Trial Thailand
  • Perception and Acceptability of Norplant Implants in ThailandBook : Water for Life (in Thai)
  • Book : Enzyme : The Key of Life (in Thai)
  • Book : Food of The future (in Thai)
  • Book : The Magic Magnesium (in Thai)
  • Book : Beauty Secret ; The untold story (in Thai)
  • Book : Omega-3 Amazing Fish oil (in Thai)
  • Book : King of Herbs (in Thai)
  • Book : Stem Cell ; Hope for the Hopeless (in Thai)
  • Book : Beta Glucan ; The World’s Most Powerful Immune Booster Known to Man (in Thai)
  • Book : Pomegranate (in Thai)
  • Book : Jiaogulan (in Thai)

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Qualites Enzyme

Qualites Enzyme


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